Defining Success: Flora McKay


Flora McKay is a mother, yogi, recipe writer, nutrition and wellness educator, and environmental advocate. With her background in sustainable development and a passion for educating children and families about healthy living, she finds joy in sharing her love of of life with others.

How do you define success?

Success is your own happiness currency. What makes you the happiest, and what do you value the most? For me, success is deeply rooted in making a positive change or impact on the world, and to be in service to others. Success is grounded in a profound sense of gratitude for all things.

Success is bringing love into everything that you do, following your intuition, living life to its fullest, facing adversity with grace, listening to yourself, loving yourself, and deeply enjoying the sweetness that life has to offer. Success is learning from your mistakes, asking questions when you don't know the answer, allowing yourself to be vulnerable so that you can grow.

How do you measure your own success?

Being able to manage many different tasks and challenges while remaining at peace deep inside.

How does success feel?

It feels celebratory and empowering, sparking an increase in energy and overall happiness.

When was the last time you felt successful? What happened?

One work related example was when I was helping a student overcome her parents perception of being a picky eater. After encouraging her to try foods in a small sample cup, she decided to get a full portion of that food (to the parents surprise). After my intervention, this child was much more open to eating new foods (at school and now at home). Knowing that my efforts helped expand this child’s palate gave me great pride in my ability to affect change.

One personal and most recent example was my experience giving birth to my son naturally. Switching from a generic OBGYN practice to a midwifery practice when I was 30 weeks pregnant was not easy, but led to the most magical birth experience I could have ever imagined. Following my intuition, and trusting the wisdom in my body (and mind) allowed it all to unfold as it did. I felt empowered!

How do you celebrate your success?

Well, I celebrated my birth experience with a nice cold ginger ale (I never drink soda)! But seriously speaking, I celebrate success by smiling and cultivating an inner glow that can only be created when you are truly happy or proud of yourself.

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to be successful?

Follow your gut. Be proactive, kind and compassionate. Listen to others, and digest all of the information before reacting. Be your own advocate, and celebrate others on your team.


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