Defining Success: Andrea Wien


Andrea Wien is the author of "Gap to Great: A Parent's Guide to the Gap Year" and the founder of We Could Make That, where she helps people learn how to crush their kitchens.

Her podcast, also called We Could Make That, is an interview-style show where Andrea speaks to inspiring and passionate food entrepreneurs about launching their businesses.

How do you define success?

I recently asked someone how he defined happiness and he said, “Happiness is working on what you love, with people you love, in a place you love.” I think the same can be said for my definition of success, though I’d be lying if I also didn’t add this: “while making enough money to do more of the things you love.”

How do you measure your own success?

I’m terrible at this and it’s something I recognize as a weak point. My lack of measurement leads me to gloss over things too quickly, or to not fully stop and recognize them as successful.

Too often, my measurement of success gets tangled up in finances, but that’s something I’d like to get better about.

How does success feel?

Hesitant. Elusive. Momentary. It can be briefly exhilarating, but it’s quickly replaced by what’s next.

When was the last time you felt successful? What happened?

When Malia Obama announced her gap year, members of the press called to get my opinion for articles. I felt that it was a testament to the work I’ve done with Gap to Great and with my book.

How do you celebrate your success?

More often than not, celebrations happen around a table with people I care about.

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to be successful?

Identify what success looks like to you, and then work like hell to make that vision a reality. Easier said than done. Also, never, ever settle for something that doesn’t light you up.  


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