My Favorite Podcasts for 2017

I am podcast obsessed. It’s really that simple. I’ve tried to read books and articles as regularly as I consume podcasts, but nothing is as consistent as my podcast listening. It’s easy to cook, clean, walk down the street and pay attention to podcasts. It’s a multitasking thing for me.

I wrote this list last year and it’s crazy how my listening habits have changed. I’ve stopped listening to some of them, and others have ceased production.

I love how there are always new podcasts being launched, and I really enjoy discovering new favorites (and sharing them with others). The topics range from business to wellness to creative writing to music. All of my favorite things.


1. Being Boss: This podcast is amazing. It features so many interesting interviews and tidbits about being your own boss. It also has a Facebook group where women share their programs, offerings, and ask for advice — a majorly supportive resource for entrepreneurs.

Favorite episodes: #125 (Developing your signature program with Maya Gaddie), #138 (Niching Down with Jessica Mehring) and #140 (Building a quality product with Karen Young of Oui Shave)

2. How I Built This with Guy Raz: This is a very popular podcast these days and I am obsessed with it. Guy Raz asks amazing questions to founders, really getting into the nitty-gritty of how and why they built their businesses. There’s not a single bad episode. It’s like watching Shark Tank — there’s so much you can learn. The show features founders from many different companies and explores their experiences across different stages of their businesses.

Favorite episodes: Sara Blakley (of Spanx), Suroosh Alvi (of VICE), Joe Gebbia (of Airbnb), Mark Cuban, Richard Branson (of Virgin), Kate Spade, Apoorva Mehta (of Instacart)

3. Writing Class RadioI discovered this podcast because it was promoted on the How I Built This Podcast. Wow. I immediately fell in love. The dynamic between Andrea (teacher) and Allison (student) is so engaging. You hear stories from amazing, creative writers while also learning about writing styles.

Favorite episodes:  Episodes 31, 33, 29

4. Unstyled by Refinery29This podcast is hosted by Christene Barberich, co-founder of Refinery29. When I first discovered this podcast last fall, I was immediately hooked. Her interview questions get to the core of who the women are, what style means to them, and their business. She just launched a new episode this month after going on a bit of a hiatus, so new listeners can dive into back episodes and get caught up fairly quickly.

Favorite episodes: Danielle Brooks, Stacy London, Ashley Graham, Norma Kamali

5. Song Exploder: In this podcast, musicians take apart their songs and tell the story of how they were made. I only listen to the episodes of the artists and songs that I love -- otherwise it’s less interesting to me.

Favorite episodes: Maggie Rogers(“Alaska”), St. Vincent (“New York”), Grizzly Bear (“Four Cypresses”) and Fleet Foxes(“Mearcstapa”)

6. The Career Passport: My friend and fellow coach, Jill Ozovek launched this podcast. The Career Passport Podcast helps you navigate your career (and by extension, your life) in a calm, level-headed manner. She interviews people from all different backgrounds (many with unique lifestyles) who share the route they’ve taken to get to where they are now with their career.
Favorite episodes: Episodes 17, 16 and 5

7. All Songs Considered by NPR: If you want to discover new music, this is the podcast for you. I’ve learned about so many new artists, songs and albums through this podcast. They also interview musicians and have guest DJs.
Favorite episodes: #8 (Matt Berninger of The National), #12 (Guest DJ: Courtney Barnett), #19 (Sylvan Esso), #29 (Planetarium)

8. Newport Folk Podcast: I’ve been attending Newport Folk Festival for the last nine years. It’s a weekend I constantly look forward to. When they announced new artists leading up to the last festival, they would align it with a podcast showcasing the artist. It was an amazing way of discovering new artists I wanted to see at the festival. As the festival got closer (last weekend of July), they interviewed parents and their kids, the “little folk,” about their previous experiences enjoying music at the event. This is a special festival that brings together truly dedicated music fans.

9. Modern LoveI love storytelling. I love hearing people share stories about their lives and experiences. This podcast is based on the stories submitted to The New York Times for their section, Modern Love. They have celebrities read people’s stories on the podcast and get the writers to chime in at the end.

Favorite episodes: #42, #33, #30, #19, #16


  • MNDFL Meditation: MNDFL (a drop-in meditation studio in NYC) recently launched their Late Night Talk Show where they interview well-known individuals who meditate. Their first guest was Jen Kirkman, who I find to be extremely entertaining. She’s hilarious, genuine and no bullshit. Have a listen.

  • The Lavendaire Lifestyle: This podcast is all about creating your dream life, an idea which really resonates with me. I loved episode #43 with Katie Lee who is a lifestyle designer. I loved learning about her business and how she supports people.

  • Never Before with Janet Mock: The episode with Gabourey Sidibe is a must listen. I haven’t spent time with the rest of the podcast  (I mean, she’s got Kris Jenner on there, and I’m certainly not rushing to spend time listening to that episode), but Gabourey is just amazing.

  • Meant to be Eaten: This is a new podcast hosted by my friend, Andrea Wien who had two previous podcasts including Gap to Great which I was featured on here (episode 13). Meant to be Eaten explores if authenticity in food exists, and how we can borrow from other cultures to move the food landscape forward in new and exciting ways.


  • Million$

  • Startup (I listened to the first few episodes of the first season and need to revisit this)

  • Crtl Alt Delete

  • Young House Love Has a Podcast

  • The Startup Tuesday Podcast

  • Call Your Girlfriend

  • I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman

Although I already spend hours upon hours listening to these shows, I’m always open to learning about new ones. Share your favorite podcasts with me!

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