Defining Success: Rebecca Batterman


Rebecca Batterman is a global marketing director and brand strategist focusing on brand launches and consumer engagements. She creates fully immersive brand communities through digital and live experiences, strategic partnerships and influencer marketing. With 10+ years’ experience, Rebecca has launched many campaigns and brands for Fortune 500s and start-ups.

Most recently, she oversaw the US brand launch for a European scooter company, developed the marketing strategy for an economic sustainability program in collaboration between the United Nations and the State of Kuwait, and she runs the marketing for a new wine and spirits brand, PURE LIQUID. With a love for understanding brands and people, Rebecca’s talent is in developing audience insights and innovative ways for brands to engage those target audiences.

How do you define success?

Success is directly related to output. You can be given many things, but you aren’t given success, you earn it and it continues to change based on your individual goals and desires. We view others and whether they are or are not successful from the view of how we ourselves define success. It’s subjective though many of us have similar themes and benchmarks on how success is measured.

How do you measure your own success?

I think some people have difficulty acknowledging what they’ve done because as soon as it’s achieved they’re already onto working towards the next goal. I’m definitely one of those people and sometimes we’re so busy that we don’t realize the great things we’re doing throughout the different parts of our lives. Goal setting can be a great way to track progress toward success and creating a support system (friends, family, coaches), can help aid in defining and achieving those goals.

How does success feel?

Success feels like when the sun shines on you and warms your body. It warms my soul, it’s uplifting, and empowering. It reminds me that I have the ability to decide what I want and bring it to fruition.

When was the last time you felt successful? What happened?

Over this past weekend, in an effort to channel my inner Marie Kondo, I decided to do some “Fall Cleaning” and came across a bag of papers and notebooks. In an old Moleskin notebook I found a page from June 2015 where I listed two columns: a “where I am now” column and a “where I want to be column.” The lists weren’t ten year plans but rather more immediate goals (ex. Job, salary, apartment, health, etc.) . I was surprised and pleased to see that everything in the “where I want to be column” was now my “where I am now” only a year later. Having forgotten that this list existed, I still managed to accomplish everything on it. Seeing the before and after in front of me, made me feel successful. I had accomplished everything I wanted to but since my goals for success are constantly evolving, I had forgotten about this list, and not recognized the achievement. Seeing it made me realize that it’s important to pause and reflect on where I’ve come and what I’ve done.

How do you celebrate your success?

I smile and give myself a mental high-five. It's not selfish to be proud of your accomplishments and share with those around you. You worked hard for it and if you don't share, people won't know what you're capable of. Of course, there’s always a fine line between sharing and bragging so be careful how you deliver it and always, always acknowledge the people and circumstances that have helped you get to that point.

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to be successful?

Also: Remeber that success doesn’t equal perfection.

Each of us only has so much energy that we can dedicate to the different parts of our lives so whatever percentage of your energy that you’re spending focused on what other people are doing, and achieving, you’re taking away from putting it towards accomplishing what you want. How you define your goals of success, personally and professionally, will likely change as you grow and evolve because things rarely take shape exactly the way we want, exactly when we want it. It’s important to acknowledge this, be open to adapting and create a space for small wins along your road of success. Create small goals that lead to larger goals and you will feel motivated on your path towards achieving what you want.

A project, a company, a relationship, can be considered successful even if they weren’t or aren’t perfectly executed.


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