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How to Determine What Drives You (and Why It's Important)

You know how it feels to work on a project that doesn’t excite you. Deadlines loom, the work drags, and you dread sitting down to complete any task associated with it. Worst of all, when you’re finally done with it, you don’t feel any strong sense of accomplishment or reward. You’re just happy it’s finished. Even if you don’t know why you aren’t driven by this work, you do know that it’s absolutely not for you.

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Find Your Balance By Working Harder, Not Smarter

Imagine for a moment that you’re a budding entrepreneur. You have an idea you’re passionate about and you’ve decided to leave your job to pursue it full-time. As you dream about your new professional life, do you stop to consider your lifestyle? Do you have a vision for how you want to enjoy your time outside of work? Or are you resigned to the fact that your new venture will take all of your time, and then some?

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How to Actually Do the Things on Your To Do List

Have you ever tried going through your day or week without prioritizing? It can be chaotic, especially if you’re an entrepreneur who is juggling lots of different things at once. When you assign each task equal importance, everything feels urgent. You can’t possibly complete every task, so you fall behind, and your list gets even longer. Meanwhile, the things that really need to get done aren’t getting star billing on your list. Not even close. They’re somewhere down there, but by the time you get to them, if you get to them, you’re ready to call it a day. The cycle of anxiety and chaos starts all over again before your head even hits the pillow.

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