Part Three

Entrepreneur ToolKit

The essentials for establishing your business presence


Get ready to introduce your business to the world. The guide also includes a list of essential organizational apps I love, and much more!

Haven’t seen the previous toolkits? Check those out first: Part One and Part Two.

When I launched my business, I sent an email to people in my networks offering free coaching sessions. As a new entrepreneur, I thought this was a surefire way to get clients and kick things off. Amazingly, lots of people didn’t bite. So instead of filling my schedule with client sessions, I began to feel panic. Was anyone reading my emails? Did anyone need my services after all?

When you start your business, it’s normal to feel these anxieties. It takes a lot of courage to introduce yourself to your friends, family, and colleagues in an entirely new way, and there’s always that voice in your head channeling your doubts and fears. At the same time, the process of becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting one--and worth enjoying, despite all the uncertainty.

I always tell clients that although they might be working solo, they don’t have to do it alone, and that’s why I’ve developed the Entrepreneur Toolkit. It’s an essential resource for small business owners and independent professionals who are taking their first steps in a brand new role.

This third and latest installment covers the essentials for strategically establishing your business presence, outlining every task in detail so you can kick things off with confidence and clarity.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Brainstorm and choose a business name that perfectly suits your brand

  • Make a strong first impression with your website, headshot, bio, and logo

  • Tackle a business plan that takes long- and short-term goals into account

  • Identify the services you want to offer (and those that you want to exclude)

  • Determine what makes your business stand out from competitors

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