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have an idea for a podcast, but no idea how to make it a reality?

The Newbie’s Guide to Podcasting


You’ve looked at webinars and courses, but they’re not the right fit. Too expensive, too time-consuming. You’re already practicing your radio voice in the shower. You want to dive in!

If that sounds like you, look no further. The Newbie’s Guide to Podcasting is for you.

When I started my podcast, Made Visible, I didn’t rely on any manual. Questions and issues came up, and I would figure it out. That’s how I approach everything in my business, and it works for me.

But, if someone had handed me a manual about podcasting that was aimed at first-timers, I would have happily accepted it. That’s why I created the Newbie’s Guide to Podcasting.

I created this manual for people like me. People who:

  • Like to problem solve on their own and aren’t going to spend months researching

  • Want their questions answered so they can dive right in to the fun part

  • Are excited about podcasts and have an amazing idea they want to act on

  • Learn by doing and are committed to making their podcast a reality

  • Don’t want to invest hundreds (or thousands) of dollars into an online course or program

I’m not an expert. I’m not saying I have all the answers. What I do have is insight that’s been gained through trial and error, and a podcast that has exceeded all my expectations of it.


 A few qs answered in the Newbie’s Guide to Podcasting:

Do I need a theme song? Where can I find one?
How can I feel more comfortable as a host if I don’t like my speaking voice?
How many episodes should I record before launching?
What does a successful marketing plan look like?
How do I find guests to be on my podcast?
What are sponsors looking for when they partner with podcasts?

In The Newbies Guide to Podcasting, you’ll also receive the exact templates I use for guest tracking, sponsor outreach, and more.

These templates are essential to the success of my podcast. I mean it literally when I say that they make everything else possible. The guide is ideal for people who want to explore this material at their own pace. Unlike a course, there’s no homework to do. Instead, you can refer back to the guide anytime—when you have a question, when an issue comes up, or when you enter a new phase of planning.

The Newbie’s Guide to Podcasting is all the things I wish I had known before I started a podcast, and then some.


Ready to bring your podcast to life?