Episode #33: Ally Hilfiger

Ally Hilfiger is an artist, designer, writer and the daughter of fashion mogul and entrepreneur Tommy Hilfiger. As a producer, she created and starred in the docu-series Rich Girls for MTV, and as a designer, spearheaded the women’s clothing line NAHM that was featured in the documentary “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s”. Her 2016 memoir, Bite Me: How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy, and Almost Killed Me, explored her chronic battle with Lyme Disease. Ally lives in Los Angeles with her husband, artist Steve Hash, and daughter Harley Hilfiger-Hash and has just launched her new Clothing line “Series Eight”, which is a bespoke limited edition brand.

For somebody to not believe a sick person is one of the cruelest things I have ever heard of.

By the time Ally Hilfiger was 18 years old, Lyme disease had infiltrated almost every cell in her body and the infection was shutting down the oxygen supply to her brain. She had battled severe physical and neurological symptoms since the age of seven, but this was the boiling point. The unbelievable part was that she hadn’t even been diagnosed with Lyme yet.

That moment would come after her hospitalization, when she met with a doctor who finally gave her an answer for the strange and overwhelming symptoms she had experienced for most of her life. On today’s episode, Ally and I talk about why it’s important to her to be a resource and mentor for others who are dealing with Lyme disease, and what led her to write her book, Bite Me: How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy, and Almost Killed Me. We also discuss the shift that occurred in her life when chose homeopathic treatments and lifestyle changes over antibiotics, and how harnessing the power of changing her subconscious perspective has helped her heal.

I actually started manipulating my subconscious mind so well that it started tricking my body and my conscious brain.

Here are some of the things Ally and I chatted about:

  • The severe physical and neurological symptoms she experienced while growing up

  • At 18, the “perfect storm” that exacerbated her symptoms and led to her hospitalization

  • How her core spiritual backbone gave her a sense of knowing that everything would be okay

  • The psychiatrist who suggested she be tested for Lyme, despite previous inconclusive testing

  • After her diagnosis, the seven-year-cycle of antibiotics and Herxeimer reactions she endured

  • The homeopathic regimen she tried in place of antibiotics, with the intention of “deep cleaning”

  • When managing treatments and chronic illness, the importance of truly wanting to be well

  • Her ultimate goal of creating an affordable and effective treatment for Lyme disease

  • The power of love in her healing journey: love for her work, her friends, and her husband

  • Her decision, after her relapse, to close a company she loved and move to California

  • The effect of manipulating her subconscious mind when it comes to her health

  • Teaching her daughter how to acknowledge what her body needs and value her instincts

  • How she supports and mentors Lyme patients who discover her after reading her book

  • The treatments that are accessible or free — but that require discipline and openness

I have a lot to give back to people. I have a very privileged life, and it would just be such a shame to spend it in bed.



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