Episode #47: Rachel Trobman

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Rachel Trobman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Upside Health, which is dedicated to reducing the economic and social impact of chronic pain for patients and providers, primarily through its technology product, Ouchie. Prior to her foray into healthcare, Rachel was a digital content producer, working for a wide range of news outlets including NY1, the New York Times and the TODAY Show. When she’s not wrangling health systems, Rachel is wrangling her two young daughters, Maisie and June, and is exploring the best ice cream spots in NJ with her husband, Jason. 

When Rachel Trobman was diagnosed with non-specific connective tissue disease in college, the experience was formative in a few different ways. Not only did she now have a diagnosis, but the rheumatologist who diagnosed her, Dr. Michael Lockshin, showed her that healthcare could go beyond personalized: it could be humanized. In addition, as he began to treat Rachel, the focus was on her symptoms, not her disease. Today, both of those principles play out in an app called Ouchie, a product created by Upside Health, the company Rachel co-founded. On today’s episode, Rachel and I talk about the challenges of having a “non-specific” diagnosis, how she handles symptoms as they come up, and how Ouchie supports people so that they can live their lives while managing their chronic pain.

If I didn’t chase it down, or follow my body, I would have never known.

Here are some of the things Rachel and I chatted about:

  • Having a colonoscopy in high school, when her peers were more focused on things like prom

  • The rheumatologist who diagnosed her with non-specific connective tissue disease

  • Why she’s attracted to symptom management versus disease progression management 

  • The medication that keeps her flare-ups at bay, and also helps lupus patients (like her mom)

  • The tough decision she has to make every time she notices or feels inflammation in her body

  • Recently discovering she has a lipoma the size of a golf ball (or bigger) in her parotid gland

  • How both guided meditation and spending time with her kids help her manage her illness

  • Learning to allow herself to take naps, and then remembering that her mom used to nap too

  • Watching her mom and step-brother navigate their own complex chronic conditions

  • Founding Ouchie, an app for pain management built around pain support, regardless of cause

  • The many ways that people engage on the app, whether they have a diagnosis or not 

  • The idea of humanizing medicine, and how that dynamic is one of Ouchie’s core values

    The challenge of prioritizing self care while also being dedicated to a growing business

Think of a more traumatizing, upsetting thing to happen than when you’re 16 and have to have a colonoscopy.


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