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On Made Visible, we share real, raw stories from people who seem fine, but aren’t.

Made Visible is a podcast that gives a voice to people with invisible illnesses. This podcast aims to change the conversation around invisible illnesses, helping those who experience them —whether as patients, caregivers, or friends or family members — feel more seen and heard.

The goal of Made Visible is to help people living with invisible illnesses feel less alone as they strive to create a “normal” life. It also aims to create a new awareness of how friends, family, and others can be sensitive and supportive to people who live with invisible illnesses — especially when most people have no idea what’s appropriate or helpful, and don’t know where to turn for answers.

We never truly know what another person is going through unless we ask, listen, and do our best to understand. Talking about my invisible illness is something I’ve only done in the past few years, but it has been extremely freeing, and it’s helped my friends and family learn how to support me better. I want the same for others who are silently struggling. I want us all to be more aware of how little we know about what others are experiencing, physically or psychologically — unless we ask.


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