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client Testimonials 


Harper is amazing. She's clear and straightforward when you have too many options and ideas swimming around in your head. She helped me develop a stronger and more streamlined business model and kept me consistently accountable. I knew I could trust her to give me honest feedback and her guidance has made running my business so much more enjoyable. If you get a chance to work with Harper, do it!

Kat Short, Founder, tell your damn story

I came to Harper with a lot of analysis paralysis and not a lot of direction or focus. Working with Harper provided much needed accountability and also the tools to focus my efforts. I no longer wake up wondering what I should do that day to move my business forward. Harper is your cool, funny cheerleader, who truly believes in your business and you and kicks your butt when you need it.

Stephanie Roman, body acceptance coach


Because of my work with Harper, my business is in a place that I never thought it would be after only 3 short months. She helped me with strategy, tactical decision-making, and communications — she has basically been my thought partner and COO this whole time. It's been wonderful working with Harper not only because of how she has helped my business succeed, but also because I consider her a friend.

Joanna Lovering, founder of copper+rise

I could not be where I am today without Harper — she made everything a reality for me and I will be forever grateful! I truly felt that Harper was with me the whole time, and she always had my best interests in mind. I could tell that she was just as committed to my success as I was. It felt like a true partnership throughout — she was always in it with me.”

Ali Krupnik, founder of alicado TOAST


I am so proud of the time I spent with Harper. She pushed me to make ambitious goals for myself ( i.e. launching my website for my interior design business) and her support, resources and ability to break things down into small tasks made the process enjoyable. I always went into our meetings excited to show her what I had completed and I always left feeling inspired. To say that I would recommend Harper is an understatement. If you're feeling at all "stuck", do yourself a favor and become one of Harper's clients - she is a total pro and will hear you and then guide you to do the work to achieve your goals!

Kristen Ryan, founder of kristen ryan interiors

Harper understood my brand almost immediately and I felt instantly connected to her. Harper helped me set up the correct boundaries that I needed for my business and I felt very supported by her - working freelance and for yourself can be tough, but having a coach who is there for all questions big or small was a huge help!

Carly Landau, hairdresser


Harper has been an incredible coach and support system as I transitioned from the corporate world to a solo entrepreneur. She was able to help me hone in on my potential and strengths to move forward on the right path that made sense for my business and lifestyle.

She is candid, creative, and encouraging in her way of speaking and causes you to seek the answers within yourself. After our sessions, I felt empowered and eager to build my business and create a mission that was meaningful to me. Harper is an amazing connector and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her as my coach!

Harper reminds me of the parent who is helping their child learn to ride a bike; she sees your worth and potential, and is excited for you to discover that within yourself!

MEL ALLISON GRIGONIS, event producer

Working with Harper was a joy. She is wonderful at making you feel comfortable, digging into your brand and your vision, and helping you flesh out your ideas and concepts, as well as your logistical, back end stuff. She also has an incredible wealth of knowledge, resources and contacts that she is always sharing. I wish I could work with her every week!

NATALIE ZISES, binge & diet recovery coach


I came to Harper at a time when I was desperate to grow my consulting business and was struggling to do it on my own. She helped me recognize how I could improve my interactions with prospective clients and provided structure for my growth plans. My time with Harper was incredibly valuable and now I'm tackling a whole new set of challenges - how to scale!

RACHEL CHARLESWORTH, brand strategist

Working with Harper truly helped me gain a sense of direction in the very early stages of building my wellness coaching business. She helped me understand my voice as it relates to my brand and helped me understand my target market. Through that, we were able to work together to build out my website for Honing Wellness and find the best way to connect with new moms. Our bi-weekly sessions were essential in keeping me on task and holding me accountable. Highly recommend working with Harper!

Shannon Arens, wellbeing consultant


For a long time I felt like I was treading water in an endless ocean trying to find direction and just staying afloat. I'm a creative type with many interests and the constant challenge is finding focus and financial stability when art is your profession. Harper is an incredible, and I mean INCREDIBLE listener, who is actively present as you talk through your passions and challenges, and then helps you create a concrete vision for the future. She understood what I want to accomplish and helped me flesh out a clear plan combining my passions. After just our first session I'm moving forward with direction, motivation and purpose. Highly recommend connecting with Harper, especially if you're a multi-potentialite!

ELIZABETH KENNER, photographer

Harper knows her shit and helped me get shit done. In all seriousness, working with her has been invaluable. When we first started, I was all over the place in terms of my business. I was completely overwhelmed and had never even thought of myself as an entrepreneur. She broke things down for me in a way that seemed completely doable, helping me set concrete goals and deadlines. From honing in on the concept for my business, to reviewing the copy for my website, all the way to planning the actual launch, Harper helped me every step of the way. Every time we met, I felt motivated and energized, and I left with a very clear plan of what I needed to be focusing on. She constantly pushed me to push myself. I was also blown away by how informed and connected she is. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her! 

JOANNA LOEWI, founder of the present mama

Harper fundamentally changed my life. She helped me not only to realize my true strengths, but also helped me achieve my goals of starting my own coaching business, and having the confidence to take the leap and do so. I have learned so much about myself while working with Harper. She keeps people organized and accountable, and is also fantastic about seeing opportunities where other people can’t. I can't wait to see what the future holds for my career. 

TIFFANY DYBA, career coach & consultant

I've worked with many coaches before and was blown away by how grounded, to-the-point and honest Harper was. In my first session, I walked away with tools and recommendations I can begin applying immediately. I couldn't imagine a better coach or resource by my side as I build my company — she's tough in the best way, compassionate and deeply caring.

ERIN CLAIRE JONES, human design guide

When I started working with Harper, I felt so lost and frustrated because I didn't know which way to go with regards to my business and career. I knew I was not fulfilling my potential but I was overcome with fear, uncertainty and inaction. Harper helped me to work through it all and focus down on what truly mattered to me and what would make me ultimately most fulfilled. I'm now happily out of my rut, making more money with ease and enthusiasm, and I'm confidently moving forward each day to reach the attainment of my goals and dreams.

AZANIA NOAH, Singer & CEO at Singer Elite

Thank goodness for Harper. For years as a freelancer, I was caught in a vicious cycle by the same professional challenges over and over again. With Harper, the light bulb finally went off. I have implemented several systems that no freelancer should live without. I believe that Harper's guidance in working on the "big picture" will make a lot of my day-to-day challenges solve themselves or simply disappear. Two thumbs up.



My journey with Harper turned out to be a game changer. While my goals and objectives for Harper weren’t very linear, Harper was able to build out an actionable roadmap for me, all while doing it organically and collaboratively. Her approach was firm yet compassionate, an invaluable combination rarely done effectively. I highly recommend Harper to anyone embarking on a new business venture.  Not only did I come out of this with a stronger sense of self, accountability and confidence, I gained a great friend and colleague along the way.  Cheers to Harper!

LAUREN FAIN, Marketing consultant


I came to Harper in the middle of a major life change. I was very overwhelmed and lost about how to approach everything. I had always known what I wanted to do with my life and had been taking all the “right” steps, until a family situation shook up my life and eventually my career goals. Harper helped guide me on steps to take to accomplish this new goal, get clarity on how I wanted this new goal and my old goal to fit in my life, while figuring out relatively passive income streams to pay the bills. She has a very direct approach which I work very well with. Her guidance and coaching was based on practical, actionable steps to accomplish my goals.

Liz Entin, founder of runway passport


I went to Harper with an idea. It was a social media post with an inkling of a concept. She and I worked hard to hone, shape, define, reshape, and redefine this concept until it was a legitimate business idea. Harper pushed me to do my research and always go back to the drawing board to make this business the best it can be. Her honesty gave me faith that she wasn’t going to coddle me and set me up for failure, rather, she pushed me to do better and not settle. None of this would have come to fruition without Harper’s investment in me and I’m truly ready for the next phase of my business. I can guarantee, for any future help I may need, Harper will be the first person I turn to for additional coaching. This feels like the turning point for this dream I’ve had since college. I’m so grateful for Harper. My dream finally feels within reach.

Mallory Gothelf, founder of Find Your(self)


I found Harper on a search for business coaches in New York. I listened to her podcast before hopping on a call and I enjoyed the direct and straightforward way she carried herself in conversation. They were specific qualities I was looking for in my energy coaching business. I signed up to work with Harper for 6 months and it was a beyond valuable experience. I came to her with just a crazy idea and a ton of drive and she helped me create a legitimate business from the ground up. I appreciate the support I received during and in between the sessions. Harper is a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources. She provided me with guidance in bringing my vision into actual reality. I am so grateful for having her on my team. I couldn't have done it without her!

Melissa Mendoza, Energy Coach

Harper has a tremendous ability to put herself in your shoes and understand the challenges you might be facing. Her positive attitude, upbeat style, and collaborative approach would be an asset to anyone looking for guidance.
— Matt Goldman

Truth be told, I had my doubts about 'coaching'. I was a skeptic. That is, until I met Harper. In our sessions, Harper was able to sort through my chaotic list of business challenges and deliver a road map of defined goals and even offered ideas on how to execute. Most of all, she held me accountable. I still have a lot of work to do but Harper has shown me the light!"

ALLEY RATNASWAMY, founder at paris copia

download (2).png

Harper held a wonderful space that allowed me to unwind, lovingly reflect on my areas for improvement and to CELEBRATE my successes! Recognizing that what I needed most was to create space for myself allowed me to make huge shifts in my mindset and my behaviors. As a result, I am enjoying the process of growing and nurturing my business so much more!

Not only were Harper and I able to co-create a coaching-client dynamic full of both accountability and compassion, but she left me feeling empowered to hold myself accountable outside of our sessions. I am so grateful for Harper's coaching and would recommend it to anyone that wants to get clear on how to make their business a success while having fun too!

LEE NOTO, transformation coach

Harper is intuitive, strong, and patient. These are an incredible combination of traits to have when coaching clients who don't know what they want or how to even begin getting it. Working with her helped me to get organized, energetic and really creative about what I really want. She's no stranger to transformation of living your dream, which makes her totally empathetic to the transition process. My concerns were never underplayed, only supported with practical and compassionate advice. Harper has a plethora of resources to share. One of the smartest things I did in my career was to work with her!

MIRIAM BUTTERMAN, educator and curriculum consultant


Working with Harper has been one of the best investments I have made in my business. She is an extremely talented coach who was able to take the many lofty goals I have for my business and break them down into a cohesive and actionable plan. Through our work together I was able to launch a successful program and hire my first team. She not only provided the framework for me to reach my business goals but also provided creative and strategic ideas for reaching my goals even more quickly. I can't recommend Harper enough!

ASHLEY FEINSTEIN GERSTLEY, founder of The fiscal femme

I am so thankful for Harper's guidance. She is straight-talking and supportive — the perfect balance, and exactly what I needed. Completely approachable, relatable, and willing to push me when necessary, Harper's coaching has made a huge difference in my life.

KIRA LEVY, event producer

download (1).png

Harper gave me the kick I needed to transform my career. Her endless support, vast experience and professional network took me from wishing to doing.

TOM BASGIL, digital media consultant

Harper helped me accomplish in only a few months what I had been trying to do my entire life. I came to her completely clueless about where to go next professionally and how to channel my skills and personality into a meaningful career. From the beginning, she had a very clear plan forward and helped me gain much needed clarity on what I wanted at a basic level.

What sets Harper apart however is her down-to-earth personality that makes you feel like you are talking to an old friend, and the judgement-free environment she maintained during each conversation was critical in helping me be more open and honest with myself. For this, I can't recommend her enough!

SAMANTHA JACOFF, podcast producer


Harper is incredibly intuitive and able to hold space while being supportive and encouraging. Our work together was very meaningful to me. She helped guide me through a transition and significantly grow my business. But, most importantly helped me to feel confident in my work and was able to help me see what I already had in front me. Through our sessions I was able to gain clarity on my skill set and focus on the work that I truly enjoy.

ERICA JOY DUNN, reiki healer

Harper is a true professional and gem! I would recommend her to anyone starting a business — I wish I had found her sooner! She cares for and deeply understands the unique situations of her clients and helps provide resources and structure. I'm thankful for her aid in helping me find clarity, and am excited to continue working with her as I launch a side passion project.

JESSIE PERECMAN, operations and marketing consultant


I felt an instant connection with Harper and knew I wanted her to be my coach through the challenges of a career transition.  Her energy and enthusiasm matched my own and her experience as a coach is invaluable.  It was very important that my coach understand my wants and needs as a young woman finding a new career path by starting my own consulting business in New York City and she got it like no one else.

I'm forever grateful for the work she has done with me and has been there every step of the way. I can't thank her enough.

ANDREA SERBONICH, wellness & travel writer

Harper shifted my way of thinking with her challenging questions. She made me find my own answers effortlessly in a brilliant manner. The sessions with her were always the highlight of each week.

I will be forever grateful to my coach for the amazing changes she helped me achieve.


I felt an instant connection with Harper when she and I met. She is grounded, insightful, and a great listener, all qualities that make her an excellent coach. Harper held me accountable for my time and my goals. She helped me buckle down and focus on progressing forward with both my professional and personal development, as well as organizational and writing skills. I loved Harper sessions and looked forward to them each week.

I’ve been working with Harper for over two years and she is the absolute best business coach I could have ever asked for.

Harper has helped me become more organized and structured in both my professional and personal day-to-day. She has assisted me in successfully outlining strategies in how to further build my business and as a result, have seen tremendous growth. I have become significantly more confident with how I approach the business world.

Harper is extremely dedicated and authentic. She gives 110% to every one of our sessions and her passion for what she does is truly visible.

DEBORAH FRIBOURG, founder of dmf interiors

Harper made me feel extremely comfortable sharing my thoughts, concerns, feelings, and opinions. It has been really nice having another creative mind to bounce ideas off of and receive feedback. Harper has helped me structure my days in a more effective manner.  I honestly don't think the past few months would have been the same and as successful without working with Harper. I wouldn't have accomplished as much as I wanted to without having her support and guidance.

JOSIE HUBSCHMAN, co-founder of the room ring


From the moment I met Harper, I knew we were going to be a great team. Her candor, creativity, and commitment are what makes her a fantastic coach. She makes you realize how to customize the path that you crafted together. Harper has so many connections and resources in whatever interests you and shares proactively. Along with this skilled network you feel like anything is possible. No excuses are accepted, she holds you accountable and makes you feel taken care of at the same time. This is a rare find. I highly recommend Harper for any business journey you are ready to explore.

MICKI BOAS, marketing consultant

Harper helped me bust through some major barriers as I was transitioning away from working for someone else and embracing my own business. Harper listened with clarity and empathy and empowered me to take action. I am so grateful for her coaching, and absolutely recommend her work to entrepreneurs in transition or needing to untangle issues in their business.

ELISSA WEINZIMMER, founder of voice body connection


Harper helps you hone in on the goals you not only want to achieve but helps you recognize the goals you haven't even thought of yet. She's patient yet assertive. It was great to have someone to lean on for ideas, issues or just someone to hold me accountable.


Harper holds up the mirror and reminds you of why you're great and of what you're doing to stop yourself from succeeding. She works with you to help YOU achieve your goals, and if you're willing to put in the effort your life will change. 

I'm walking away with tools and ways of thinking about challenges that will help me to excel in my career, and I'm walking away with a new confidence to go after the things I want. I cannot recommend her enough, and I haven't stopped name dropping her to friends since my first session.

MICHELE REZNIK, operations consultant


Harper created a really safe place for me to talk about (and begin to explore) my insecurities, doubts, fears and dreams. Doing that can be really intimidating, but working with Harper made me feel encouraged and supported. I think part of the reason why she's able to do that is because she lives a very genuine, and honest life — and that translates into her ability to inspire those around her to identify their passions and live the life they want too.  

AMANDA POLCARI, operations consultant

I always have a million ideas floating around in my head but it's been tough to decide which ones to buckle down and focus on. With Harper's help, I was able to wade through the flood of ideas, settle on a direction and start building a sustainable business. Her insight was invaluable throughout this process, and as someone who runs a business herself, she knew the common pitfalls and hang-ups I'd encounter getting started. Her quick wit and no BS attitude was also exactly what I needed to stay on track. Without her help, I'm fairly certain I'd still be twirling in circles and wondering which way to go. Instead, I'm clearer on my vision and getting closer to achieving my entrepreneurial goals.

ANDREA Wien, holistic nutritionist


Harper guided me and encouraged me to figure out what I wanted to do and helped me get there. She was so easy to talk to and work with, always putting my needs first. I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without her.


Working with Harper is a refreshing and enjoyable experience. Using a proactive approach, Harper provides personal attention to ensure her clients are reaching their full potential, both professionally and personally. Harper is easy to talk to and provides a welcoming environment.



When we began working together, I was pretty lost in my own skin. I didn't know where to direct my time. In working together, I learned a lot about myself. I'm so glad I was able to do this because working with Harper opened my eyes to a lot of things that I may not have realized on my own.

AMANDA GOLDBERG, owner of goldberg’s bagels

Harper is a pleasure to work with and an excellent coach! I came to her with specific goals in mind and together we were able to not only create a framework in which to achieve them, but create ways to improve other key areas of my life as a whole. The way I manage my time is now drastically different, and I’ve emerged a happier and more productive person.

I also did not know how to stick to my core values in a way that honored myself - Harper helped me achieve the confidence to take ownership of my life in order to not only achieve my goals but stick to my values. I’m looking forward working with her again to further my professional development. 
— Nicole Cifani